Caterina Vengeance-Garton

caterinaI was given a 16'2 Andalusian x TB who was in a bit of a sorry state. Lack luster coat, hooves looking a bit flakey, no top line and no life in his eyes! I was at my local horsey store where the guy from Horse First was there explaining products etc. I told him about my horse Coolio and he straight away suggested Keep Me Sound.
All I can say is AMAZING!!! Coolio looks like a superstar now, hooves are the healthest I have have ever seen a horse have and his coat is the softest and shinest I have ever seen it!! I noticed he was no longer the dull lifeless horse. I love this product and WILL be using it on the new horse I have and would love to thank the representative who suggested this product to me! THANK YOU HORSE FIRST!

Caterina Vengeance-Garton, N. Ireland

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