Amanda Millard


My youngster Princess had life saving colic surgery back in April 2011. After battling Colon displacement surgery & removing a stomach impaction her intestine packed up. The vets got her intestine to work again & just when we thought she was safe she had colic again.

Thankfully the colic was a reaction to food in her stomach again & after 11 days in hospital we got to take her home. Princess did not like the restrictions that we had to impose on her after surgery & became extremely bad tempered.


amanda-millardWhen it came to riding her again she used to buck, rear & nap to a point where i lost my nerve & couldn't ride her as i was so frightened after hitting the deck so much. The last straw was when she decked a friend who was riding her for me. I wanted to get rid of Princess as i had lost confidence in her & the enjoyment was no longer there. It was at this time that i decided to try RelaxMe on Princess as i had been using it on my other horse Hatty & i had nothing to lose. Princess's behavior improved drastically & i plucked up the courage to get back on her. She was extremely calm & relaxed & each time i rode her she gave me more confidence to get back on her. I did some in-hand showing & Princess was so calm in the ring that i did some dressage competitions. The bucking, rearing & napping had gone & finally i was enjoying my horse again.

RelaxMe gave me back my horse & i will always be grateful to Horse First for this amazing supplement. I shudder when i think of how close i had come to getting rid of Princess. I'm just so glad i decided to try RelaxMe first.

Amanda Millard - Bilston, West Mids

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