Steff Cobb


steff-cobbI have owned Dorian for just over a year now, when I bought him his feet were terrible quality, he had a poor coat and very little topline.
Over the first 10 months I used conditioning feeds, muscle supplements, balancers, oils, biotin, hoof dressings - the works! To try to improve his condition, but it wasn't until I used Keep Me sound that I noticed any difference.

Now, 14 months on he is FINALLY building correct topline and sustaining it. His feet are strong and he holds his shoes easily and he is round and shiny (possibly a little too round at times!) He is also freer in his movement thanks to the glucosamine- I never thought one supplement could do so much.

Needless to say I am completely converted now and recommend your products to anyone having supplement dilemmas :)

Thankyou for creating such good products!

Steff Cobb

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