Patricia Clark

patricia-clarkI have had Monty, my 17+hh ID since March 2011. He was rescued in a very sorry state by his previous owner. His feet weren't in good condition, and for the next year we struggled to keep shoes on him. At one stage, he was throwing a shoe or two nearly every week. The foot would just disintegrate around the nail site, and he was obviously unhappy during shoeing. I was getting upset and stressed by the condition his feet were in and I could find nothing that worked.

Things were made more complicated by the fact that, we think due to being so undernourished before, he is very prone to colic and had episodes on numerous other supplements, meaning they were then useless to us. So after lots of research and review reading I started him on Hoof First. No colicky reaction to it and within a startlingly short time I could see a difference in the quality of the new hoof growth.

He's now been on the supplement for eight months, the quality of the new wall that's grown since he's been on it is so much better than before, it's hard to believe. The supplement, along with some excellent work from my farrier and thorough daily care, has absolutely turned his feet around, even despite the horrifically wet conditions we're enduring at the moment. They look so much nicer and, most importantly, he's much happier - he now stands without any fuss to be shod rather than pulling away every time a nail is put in. I can't wait for him to have a full hoof of the new growth in a few months!

An outstanding product which has made a huge difference to us, thank you.

Patricia Clark

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