Harrie Smolders

Harrie SmoldersHarrie Smolders is one of Holland's best riders with an impressive career behind him, but also a promising future ahead of him.  Harrie was then eight years old.   In his pony years Harrie managed to win several national titles in jumping, as well as in dressage and eventing.

When Harrie finished school at nineteen he decided to make a living out of the horses and went to the famous showjumper Johan Heins, who was looking for a rider. After staying with Heins, Harrie moved on to work for the Belgian Axel Verlooy – who runs Eurohorse and who was once a very successful rider himself.  Harrie has worked real hard to build an international sporting career. Pushing like this has gained Harrie at the moment a seat in the top 30 of the world rankings.  See Harrie's manjor achievements to date here.

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