Hoof First speeds Superstar Cedric back to winning Ways

Laura Kraut’s superb horse Cedric showed what a star he was recently, by being a lynchpin in the winning Nations Cup team at Wellington.

Laura Kraut Horse CedricHowever, Laura told us how Hoof First had come to his rescue at the beginning of December.

While competing at the Paris Gucci Masters on Dec1st, Cedric sustained damage to his hoof and coronet band.
The vets were certain this would take several weeks to heal.

However, Laura, a long time user of Horse First products knew that Hoof First could improve the healing time.

 laura krauts horse cedric hoof photolaura krauts horse cedric hoof problems

The use of Hoof First in Cedric’s feed every day, meant that
Laura was back out competing at Olympia just 20 days later.
Laura took these pictures, and sent them to us with the note -

“These photos don’t lie, they show that Hoof First works”

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