Charlotte's Relax Me story!

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'I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the relax me, when I first got my tbxhanavraioan mare exactly a year ago, she was very unfit, but as she got fitter she got more excitable, when we went to our first show, we went round the school, broncking and bunny hopping couldn’t get her to go forward at all.

then when I showed her a jump she just went and I couldn’t stop her, and the more I took her out thinking it was because she hadn’t been anywhere in so long the worse it got. Being a very young 17yr old chestnut mare, I got advised to try a calmer, I had seen the horse first range and seen the relax me, this was in April. She has been on it since and wouldn’t think about trying any other, she went on to compete in veteran showing, coming 2nd in our first county show, and won the veteran championship in the Midlands riding club championships, and now doing some unaffiliated show jumping, which we are doing extremely well. I now when my friends ask me to recommend a calmer for their horse and they say they have tried some already I recommended relax me, and they tried it, and then seen the improvements.

Thank you.'