Hollie's Pony

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My story began on the 16th aug 2011 when I bought my daughters pony called TOM, he's 16 years and he came from a riding school in sully and he was a sight for sore eyes he was very underweight and withdrawn he was neglected for sure, we got him home to our yard and it took a few weeks for him to settle in.

We started to feed him small amounts twice a day 2 help build him back up to how he should be. The 1st time we wormed him he reared up an since then that's all he ever does when he doesn't want to do something, he even reared when he could see his food bucket coming. He is a very sweet natured little guy and we love him so much and were so happy that we saved him from possibly becoming more ill and having a uncertain future. He is now living out the rest of his life without being abused and in peace and is a happy little chap, he's the best lilltle pony ever.'

Laura Palmer