Hannah Saunder's Relax Me story



A year and a half later my knee was reconstructed and I was back riding again when the Gastric Ulcers made a return. this is when I discovered horse first, I wish I had known about them the first time around!

Horse first relax me is a calmer that also works on settling the stomach, easing her ulceration. As well as initial expensive medication from the vet she has made a full recovery and I can rest in the knowledge that I am doing all I can to help my little mare. she is calmer in her self, is able to concentrate longer, back in work and is having no problems with ulcers 6 months on! I cannot thank Horse First enough for making fantastic products that actually do what they say. We are aiming to get back eventing again soon as long as my knee holds up! Can you make a supplement for that? haha

Hannah Saunders