Rebecca Jackson's story on Relax Me

Rebecca JacksonThe results of Relax me have been unbelievable on both my horses. One especially is almost  unrecognisable (in a good way!). He is an 8 year old, 16.2 KWPN dressage stallion who is very  sharp and is always looking for trouble. I have owned him since he was an unbroken three year old and sent him away to be broken as  a four year old.

Whilst away he was involved in a road accident (which involved him in a hedge and the air  ambulance) and despite numerous attempts and various calmers he has been very nervous on  the road and a danger to motorists so the decision was made to not hack him out.

Long story short, he incurred a minor injury and the vet advised hacking to strengthen his legs, I  was still very dubious about the idea as he has had such a  bad experience.

After trawling through forums and a couple of trials of other calmers on the market I came  across your product and I cannot tell you the wonders it has worked on this particular horse. He  is well behaved when turned out in the field and most of all after almost four years he is hacking!! He isn't silly or spooky and each day he is growing with confidence. I am gob smacked and thrilled to bits that I am able to hack him out.

I cannot recommend your product highly enough. The other stallion who is on the calmer is also much better - he is extremely sharp and Relax Me has worked wonders on him to.

I just wanted to write to you and let you know that you have made my year that I am now able to hack my horse out!

I have a four year old gelding who is going to be started under saddle shortly and I will be sure to use Relax me on him to. Highly recommended.

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