Karen Outram's story on Relax Me

rsz karen'This is just a quick message to say thank you for this wonderful product! We have a 12.2 mare for my daughter and they went to their first outdoor show on Sunday. The first 2 classes in the morning were hard work, with a rather sharp and strong pony who wouldn’t stand still in the line up and kept tugging at the bit. I gave her ½ a syringe of Relax Me Now and within an hour she was like a different pony! She noticeably relaxed, dropped her head and stood like an angel (more or less). Carys and Phoebe came home with 4 red rosettes and very big smiles, even more importantly I had a relatively stress-free day. Needless to say I will always have a syringe handy in our show kit.'

Karen Outram 

Many thanks for your comments Karen!
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