Wendy Savill's story on Relax Me!

wendy'I have just started with the Relax Me for my clydie cross dressage horse and a young Welsh B gelding that has not long been gelded. Heidi (clydie x)had a huge problem with being stabled overnight was sweaty and very restless, was very spooky to ride would jump at anything, now she has improved so much i can now put her in the stable at night without any fuss she is a lot better to ride not so spooky. Maxi (welsh b gelding) has been a little nervous out at shows just not concentrating looking for things to jump out and eat him, he has been on Relax Me in his feed and at the show i gave him a Relax Me Now paste which took the edge off him quite relaxed and coping very well with the atmosphere . Thanks to Relax Me Now Maxi is now enjoying himself and i am also enjoying my day out. I have used a lot of products over the years of showing but Relax Me is very good I highly recommend it.' Thanks Wendy!