Melissa Chennells story on Relax Me!

Melissa Chennells Relax Me‘I have a 15.2 Welsh Section D 10 year old gelding. I bought him from sales about 3 1/2 years ago now, and when buying him I didn't really know much about him. As time went on I realised he was a little different to what I had been told, he was very opinionated and would become scared very easily. He also was rather unsafe to ride. I have previously tried him on other calmers however none seemed to have any effect. I started him on Relax Me last November after recommendations. Since having him on Relax Me I have seen a different horse. I am now able to ride him safely and feel confident to do things with him again, he seems a lot happier in himself and seems to enjoy work now. I have recommended it myself to others as I would never use anything else now’.  Thank you so much Melissa!